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At Wellspring Chiropractic Center, we offer a variety of services to best fit your health care needs. Dr. Ramey will help you determine the most effective route of care for your condition so that you can achieve the best possible outcome.

Learn more below about the products and services we provide at Wellspring.

Chiropractic Care

Dr. Ramey utilizes a wide variety of techniques to address your issue.  Because no two injuries are exactly alike, he may use several approaches in your personalized treatment plan.

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This chiropractic technique is a hands on approach and is what you are most likely used to.   Diversified methods have been developed to adjust extremity joints, allowing for beneficial applications in treating sports injuries and other injuries.  This treatment involves a gentle but quick thrust or other movement of the spine to restore proper alignment and mobility.

Diversified Technique

This method utilizes a special adjusting table that “drops” when pressure is applied. It involves analyzing the leg length of patients, determining the type of misalignment –cervical, pelvic, etc.- and then targeting specific joints or tissue with a combination of thrusts.  The Thompson table has the benefit of being more comfortable than a table without drops, as it is designed to “give” with the adjustment. This makes this technique useful for softer adjustments, especially with older patients.

Thompson Technique

The Gonstead technique is an approach to chiropractic that utilizes both Static and Motion Palpation — this is simply the process of feeling (or palpating) your spine in a stationary position. Your chiropractor will feel for the presence of swelling, tenderness and any abnormal texture or tightness in the muscles and other tissues of your back. Motion Palpation involves feeling the spine while moving and bending it at various angles. This enables the chiropractor to determine how easily or difficultly each segment in your spine moves in different directions, and locate the specific location to adjust for maximal improvement.

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Gonstead Technique

The most widely used approach to treating symptomatic disc injuries, Cox Flexion/Distraction Technique involves a gentle, non-force adjusting procedure that works with the body’s natural design to aid it in healing.  This approach distracts or stretches the spine which allows the doctor to isolate the problem disc.  It is commonly used to treat disc herniation, spinal stenosis, pregnancy related issues, and more.  Cox Flexion/Distraction is a powerfully effective, conservative approach to treating low back and leg pain, and an alternative to explore before recommending surgery.

Cox Flexion-Distraction Technique

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This is a hand-held, spring-loaded instrument-based manipulation/adjustment protocol. Instead of the manipulating/adjusting forces being delivered by hand, force is generated with the small Activator that delivers a lighter, but quicker, thrust than can be delivered by hand. Activator can be used as a primary treatment protocol for all patients or a selective method for patients who may not desire manual adjustment or where manual adjustment may be contraindicated.

Activator Assisted Adjustments

Soft tissue Therapy

Dr. Ramey uses everything from Graston tools to Trigger Point Therapy.  Some muscles need to be stretched and relaxed, and myofascial release and trigger point work are excellent for this. Other muscles are chronically weakened and need to be retrained to help posture and joint function. Targeted, individualized rehab exercises address these. Other tissues are chronically tight with myofascial adhesions and/or scar tissue. These can include areas of past trauma, areas with repetitive motion injuries, and/or postural stresses. Graston Technique, utilizes specialized tools and techniques that remodel the injured and painful tissues to get lasting relief from chronic tightness and pain.

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Rehabiliation and Exercise

Our rehabilitation room at Wellspring Chiropractic Center allows Dr. Ramey to offer one on one rehabilitation instruction to help you get healthy and feel better. Rehabilitative exercise under the supervision of a doctor, targeted towards your specific physical needs, is quite different from working out with a trainer at a gym. While we encourage all our patients to work out regularly, as your doctor of chiropractic Dr. Ramey has an intimate understanding of your musculoskeletal strengths and weaknesses, and he will recommend exercises that address those unique concerns.

Kinesio Taping is designed to provide muscle, fascial, and joint support without reducing the range of motion needed in the healing process.  The tape itself is a breathable, waterproof tape with a medical-grade, heat sensitive adhesive. It is easily tolerated and can last for 3-5 days without re-application, even in the water. The applications of K-Tape are varied, but can help with muscle strains, golfer’s elbow, shoulder pain, bruising, improving posture, and the list goes on.

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Standard Process Nutritional Supplements

Given proper nutrition, the human body has an amazing ability to heal itself. To do so, we need to eat a healthier diet, exercise, and take high-quality supplements made from whole foods. Standard Process nutritional supplements can address dietary deficiencies, promote healthy bodily detoxification, address respiratory issues, support liver functioning, and more!  Because no two issues are exactly alike, we offer individual nutrition evaluations that are designed with your specific needs in mind.

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MediHerb Nutritional Supplements

Featuring several varieties of herbal therapies, MediHerb nutritional supplements provide whole body benefits — including increased immune system function, increased white blood cell health, lymphatic system support, and more — for both long-term and short-term issues, like seasonal changes or upper respiratory infections.

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Whether you’re walking, standing, or on the move, your feet are the foundation of your body. Sometimes, though, the shape of your foot or an injury can affect the angle at which your foot strikes the ground. If severe enough, this can cause pain in the foot, as well as in the legs, low back and other areas of the body. Stabilizing your foundation is an important part of chiropractic care. If you have an imbalance in your feet, your chiropractor may suggest orthotics. Orthotics can treat issues like bunions, pain in the lower back, shin splints, hip pain, knee pain, plantar fasciitis, and more.

We use state of the art 3D Laser Scanning to customize your orthotic. To learn more about what we do, check out their site.

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